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A 28-year-old woman threw sulfuric acid in her boyfriend’s face after she thought she was cheating, but she was just wrong, and was sentenced to 14 years in prison in Wembley, England. Esther Afrifa took advantage of the fact that 29-year-old Kelvin Bogo was asleep and spilled a liter of product in his face.

During her testimony in Harrow Courtroom, the woman said that she committed the crime around 3:30 am on December 22, 2019. However, she was recently convicted.

“Every day I wake up is like the day I attacked. It’s like time has stopped. Every time someone knocks on the door, I’m afraid someone will hurt me. It used to be my world and I did. I just can’t fathom it,” he exclaimed. Kelvin in “Evening Standard”.

By the time the acid was thrown in her face, the victim assumed she had not realized who was responsible and asked Esther to call the police. At the time, she pretended to call the company, prevented a friend from calling 911, and canceled the taxi that was taking Kelvin to the hospital.

With a face full of sores, the woman tapped his face on the sofa and poured more product all over his face. At this point, he discovers that his girlfriend is responsible for the attack.

Photo: Disclosure / Metropolitan Police

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