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A woman spotted an animal running around her yard and said it was a “little dinosaur”

In the United States, a woman checked the security cameras at her home on the Palm Coast, Florida
“A baby invaded the backyard,” he said Dinosaur
“During the night. The resident’s guess sparked a discussion among internet users, who tried to guess the animal that appeared in the recordings.

Christina Ryan told the channel: “Any animal we can imagine will” walk “at 3:40 in the morning, and it will not walk that way.” Fox News 35
. “You might have watched Jurassic Park a few times, but I have seen a kidnapper or a toddler Dinosaur
! “, She continued.

According to her, all the people who watched the video captured by the CCTV agreed and said that the animal looked like a “baby.” Dinosaur
“.” Some say it is a large bird, but this does not make sense – given that whatever it is, it appears to have front legs. So, not sure? “I’ll stay with the kidnapper myself,” joked Christina.

On the Internet, users were dazzled by the pictures the woman shared and started a discussion about what could be the “mysterious creature” that invaded her backyard. “It looks like a Komodo dragon or some kind of lizard!” One person commented. Another said, “This is a dog that pulls the leash. You can see the four legs and the leash is swinging behind it.”

Another user wrote: “A UFO was spotted recently and I think the CEO might be checking things out.”

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