Popular Internet meme NFT sells for R $ 2.5 million – behavior – e-investor

Popular Internet meme NFT sells for R $ 2.5 million – behavior – e-investor

Who wouldn’t remember the iconic image of a little girl smiling as a house burned in the background? The picture is from 2005, and Zoe Roth is no longer a girl, but a 21-year-old woman who decided to turn the meme into NFT She was able to sell it for 473,000 US dollars, equivalent to 2.5 million Brazilian reals. Information from the Insider portal.

The work “Disaster Girl” was shown on April 16 at a 24 hour auction. Whoever won the dispute was a user called 3FMusic, who had to pay around 180 etherAnd the Cryptocurrency From the Ethereum network.

Ruth sold the meme, but did not lose its rights, as NFT was programmed in a way to protect its copyright, which would take 10% of the value of all potential retailers in the future.

NFT fever

NFTs, in translation, non-exchangeable symbols, are gaining more and more popularity, especially with the digital arts. In short, NFT is a type of digital certificate that guarantees ownership of a certain virtual item, which can be anything from a meme to an image. The technology is based on the Ethereum blockchain.

In March, an artist named Beeple went down in history with his artwork “Everyday: The First 5,000 Days,” in the translation of “Everyday: My First 5,000 Days,” which auctioned off for $ 69.3 million. Due to its high value, the work became the third most expensive living artist.

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