A Taylor Swift fan’s cell phone was stolen one day after the show, and the thief returned the photos via WhatsApp Sao Paulo

A Taylor Swift fan’s cell phone was stolen one day after the show, and the thief returned the photos via WhatsApp  Sao Paulo

Lorena Severino went to Taylor Swift’s show at Allianz Parque – Photo: Personal archive

A fan of singer Taylor Swift had her cell phone stolen just one day after the artist’s concert in Sao Paulo. What the young woman did not expect was that the device thief, after the crime, decided to “return” all the photos she had taken for display.

Student Lorena Severino, 22, planned for months to attend the show of the North American singer, which broke an audience record at Allianz Parque on Saturday (25).

Lorena, who lives in São Paulo to study, went to the show with her mother, who lives in the interior of the state. She says the two had an unforgettable moment, in addition to making a dream come true.

The day after the show, Sunday (26), the young woman was on Avenida Paulista waiting for a ride so her mother could return home. Suddenly a thief passed by on a bicycle and took the cell phone from her hand. The device is unlocked.

“I ran about five blocks after the thief. People tried to help me, some cyclists, but I ended up getting tired, and he disappeared,” he said.

“As I was walking around the five areas, I only thought about two things: how I was going to get back to my mother, because I didn’t know where she was anymore, and about the pictures from the show, because I didn’t have any backup.”

After the robbery, Lorena decided to send a message to her cell phone from her mother’s device, hoping she could recover the photos from the show.

The thief then sent over 100 photos that Lorena had taken for display. He also asked for R$500 to return the device, claiming that it was in the Republic region. However, after a while, it stopped responding. See the conversation below.

A young man managed to recover photos from Taylor Swift’s concert – Image: Reproduction

Lorena went to the police to file a police report. Now the case will be investigated. Moreover, the device is blocked.

The young woman also shared the case on a social network and wrote: “How do you explain São Paulo?” The post resonated and went viral on Twitter. see below.

The post received more than two million views and hundreds of comments from other users. “Theft with emotional responsibility,” Lucas Rocha wrote. “And they still say there is no love in SP,” Van Garcia said.

Lorena said she was very angry about what happened, but said she is trying to see the situation with different eyes.

“This stuff can get really funny,” he said.

Lorena Severino went to Taylor Swift’s concert on Saturday (25) – Photo: personal archive

Taylor Swift in Sao Paulo

Taylor Swift performed six shows in Brazil during her visit to the country on her “Tour for the Ages.” Three presentations were given in São Paulo, at Allianz Parque.

According to the stadium’s press office, 150,000 people attended the three matches.

North American singer, Taylor Swift, performed the first show of her The Eras tour at Allianz Parque, west of São Paulo, on Friday evening (24). — Photo: Taba Benedicto/Estadio Contodo

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