Siti says taking out Dai can unleash Riku’s attacks.

Siti says taking out Dai can unleash Riku's attacks.

Dayane Mello is located on the eleventh farm of “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV) With Solange Gomez and Marina Ferrari, and the possibility of them being left out, Stefan Matos worried. After all, she fears she will be mocked by Rico Melquiades and her cohorts for knocking the bar out of the fray for the R$1.5 million prize.

“And the happiness of these guys when I don’t come back tomorrow!, huh,” brought up the topic of Diane Melo, suggesting that her opponents in the game wanted to see her outsidefarm 2021.” “Wow, Diane.” If you don’t come back tomorrow, go [ser ruim]Sthe Matos commented. “Then, it will be sad,” the model added.

Then he alerted digital influencer MC Gui and Dynho Alves to get ready for what’s possible Series From the provocations of Rico Melquiades and his allies if he leaves Diane Melo reality show.

If Dai doesn’t come back tomorrow, she knows it’s going to be bullshit.

“But do you think who will come back? Marina or Sol? Marina, right?” asked MC Gui. “I have no idea,” Shi Matos said. “Sol has already returned from two or three farms,” ​​Dinho Alves recalls. “This does not mean that she will be back,” Diane Melo noted.

MC Gui highlighted that Solange Gomes was able to stay in the game due to his encounter with the farmer with people the audience wanted to remove.

I think it fulfilled the schedule in the areas of people who had to leave.

Diane Melo went further and drew the attention of walkers to be smart in the ex-gogo bathtub game. She says the Faun was smart to put together a team with strong players from the audience’s point of view.

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Saul was very smart, you guys. She protected herself and aligned herself with the right people.

“With people I spoke badly,” MC Gui completed. She is allied with My Father [Quebra Barraco] to be saved. She made herself a game,” Diane Melo praised.

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