A singer asks for money for the third time on the social network

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Angela Rowe spoke again and asked for financial assistance. This evening, the 71-year-old singer posted her banking details on social media, requesting cash assistance from her followers.

In an Instagram post, the artist posted a photo with a text and stated that she is in a sensitive financial situation and needs any kind of help. She says she will accept any amount to be able to settle her disputes.

With her bank details, she wrote, “I am in financial difficulty! Anyone who can deposit only 10 BRL, I am grateful! Greetings to all!”

Fans of the artist announced in the comments that they helped her and sent positive messages to motivate her to overcome the difficult moment.

One follower wrote, “Done! Hope all is well!” Another fan praised “Angela’s talent is immense”. A third fan added, “Pixel work. You know how much I care about you.”

This is the third time that Angela Rowe has requested financial assistance online. last June, It also published its bank details with the same request for internet users.

On the occasion of the first order, last year, the singer told “Extra” that she will use the money to pay off the debts of her employees, who do not deserve to be unpaid.

Am I going to stop paying him the holidays? Will I stop paying my maid, who is not in good health and doesn’t come to work? Of course not. Am I going to go through this hard? Pay a suitable employee, perform my work duties, pay Social Security. I loved my application,” Angela explained at the time.

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