A rich mockery of fame as a former bathtub of Solange’s Gugu

A rich mockery of fame as a former bathtub of Solange's Gugu

Rico Melquiades and Solange kept fighting in a “farm 13 inches (RecordTV). What started as an argument between the former bathtub and Mileide Mihaile It became a heated argument between her and the comedian.

After saying that Rikko wanted to attack her because she brought down Diane MiloAnd final elimination, Solange warned Riku about Riku’s pets at Arcripiano and the comedian interrupted:

Go, woman! Beware, Solange! lacking personality. Rico Melquiades

“You’re not going to provoke me. I lack character? Damn, what’s your friend lacking?” The old bathtub is back. “Wrong, do you think yelling is just personal and talking about lies?” , said the comedian.

I asked, “Oh, lie? What lie did you tell?” “From Mileide, out of 20 thousand Brazilian reais, she went to talk about her pension, not knowing what it was worth,” said the pawn.

Solange replied, “It was in the media, darling. Before him, call me.” “You’ve studied everyone, haven’t you?” Rico said.

“Study, my love. You guys, she also agrees to fireworks, look, because she agreed when I left them here, near the animals. Raising this flag to bring out the good Samaritan womanRico’s needle.

“How ugly … Riku, he is ugly to you,” said Solange. The comedian replied, “Not ugly. When I set off the fireworks for my comeback, I loved it. I clapped and ran to the door. I brought up an agenda that doesn’t follow. Solange, less theory and more practice.”

“Okay, Rico, you’re smart,” he downplayed the former bathtub. The pawn fired “You are smart, beautiful, but not above me.”

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Solange went on to say that she never received a fake license plate and Rico said the same thing happened to him. “Do you know why I can’t stand it? Because I say what people don’t want to hear,” said the girl, who kept waking the comedian.

“He’s starting his career now,” Solange Ward fired Rico, Quoted from “Bath Jojo”:

Ah, it started a long time ago and you are so resilient, Solange. A ‘jojo bathtub’ for 30 years? Look at the victim guys. People know Helen Ganzaroli, she’s not Solange Gomez, no. Excuse me, girl. People don’t even remember when I used soap from Gugu. Rico Melquiades

“That’s good,” said the girl. “It can be insulting.” “Humiliation? Who are you to talk about humiliation? You called me ugly here. You know how a person’s self-esteem is destroyed to call them ugly? You called me ugly, Carlinhos Maya supported me. You can humiliate, huh?”

“Wait, I’ll get my baby’s egg here. But I did it the first week, you do it all the time. Bill, can you help me here? My baby’s egg, come here,” sneered the girl, calling out to Arcripanu.

“He doesn’t even give you eggs to drool. He wanted you to drool on his eggs, but he doesn’t. He wants to use you, like everyone else here. He’s used Mileide, he’s using Marina, so you’re going to use him now.” Rico.

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After Diane Melo is gone, who deserves to win the reality show?


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


    Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV

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