A public hearing for Revida Mariana’s campaign is scheduled to be held at ALMG on Tuesday (26)

A public hearing for Revida Mariana’s campaign is scheduled to be held at ALMG on Tuesday (26)

The national campaign is trying to end impunity in the biggest environmental tragedy in Brazilian history: the collapse of the Fundão Dam, almost eight years ago.


“Is it possible to kill dozens of people, destroy the lives of thousands more, pollute a river, destroy fauna and flora in more than 46 cities and still go unpunished?” The phrase that opens the campaign website “Marian revenge”to me The biggest environmental tragedy in Brazilian historywill set the tone for the public hearing that the Extraordinary Committee to Monitor the Mariana Agreement will hold this Tuesday (26/9/2023), at 11 am, at the Espaço José Aparecido de Oliveira (Edjao) of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Minas Gerais (Maj).


The meeting fulfills the request of Congresswoman Beatriz Cerqueira (PT). As explained in the document, Specifically, the aim is to highlight more the launch of the “Revida Mariana” campaign, which demands full compensation for the people affected by the rupture of the blockade. Fundao DamOn November 5, 2015, in that city in the central region of the state, and condemns the impunity of mining companies. Yes, Samarco that it BHP Billiton.

Representatives of those affected by the collapse of the Fundao Dam were invited to attend the meeting from the National Directorate Movement of People Affected by Dams (MAB)Environmental bodies, popular movements, unions and trade unions are responsible for the campaign.

According to information from the Labor Party portal supporting the initiative, The campaign was officially launched on the 14th of this month in Brasilia (DF).. The campaign was launched at 4:20 pm on this day, the time when the ore tailings dam of the mining company Samarco, controlled by Vale and BHP Billiton, collapsed.

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Almost with separation 60 million cubic meters of waste created a mud tsunami that killed people and destroyed entire communities and farms, as well as polluting waterways, leaving a trail of devastation throughout the Rio Doce basin that reached the mouth of the river, into the Espiritu Santo and the Atlantic Ocean..

Also according to information on the PT website, the campaign will also include a series of actions in the states of Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo and Bahia, the states most affected by the sea of ​​mud caused by the dam collapse.

MAB management claims that while justice in Brazil has been moving at a snail’s pace for nearly 8 years, in the UK courts, those affected are being heard and a ruling is expected in October 2024 regarding the responsibilities of BHP Billiton, the world’s largest mining company, And it fell.

The “Reveda Mariana” campaign website presents a series of poignant articles and videos produced for social media, press and opinion makers in which the devastating truth of the disaster caused by mining companies is revealed, with testimonies showing the suffering of those who lost everything and are still punished with a sense of impunity.

The statement criticizes the renegotiation and condemns impunity

Through the website it is also possible to access and Sign a statement Which criticizes the renegotiation of the issue between the authorities and companies and denounces impunity. “The renegotiation of the Mariana case underway today has not valued the voice of victims or civil society. As it stands, it does not take into account all our losses and favors only commercial and political interests.

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“For the sake of obfuscation and concealment, the proposed compensation amount conflates resources already paid years ago. To make matters worse, this amount represents only a third of what BP paid more than ten years ago for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which was, “Even the collapse of Fundau, the world’s largest environmental disaster. Why should we accept a smaller sum for such a major crime?” The statement asks.

The statement also lists a A series of requirements for achieving justice in the case: A fair solution for all operations in Brazil and abroad, with compensation for the expenses already incurred by victims in accessing justice; Reparation, compensation and full compensation for individual and collective damages; Maintain and enhance independent technical consulting; Effective government action in affected and at-risk areas; repairing health damage through pollution studies; An income transfer program and a collective projects fund.

“We count on the support and participation of everyone who fights for sovereignty and a just society, with a quality of life for the people and respect for the environment. If you are with us, participate, participate and help Brazil achieve justice! That is why we are here. Resist, Mariana. Justice to clean this mud.”ends the statement.

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