A miner advertises 700 direct jobs and nearly 3,900 indirect jobs in the Diamond-TO project

a aura, A gold, copper and silver mining company operated by Brazil and listed on B3 (SP) and the Toronto Stock Exchange of Canada), The diamond project will be inauguratedA new gold mine is open in the state Tocantins It will provide, in the construction phase, 400 direct jobs and about 1,200 indirect jobs. At the operational stage, there will be another 300 direct and approximately 2,700 indirect. At the cornerstone launch event to be held on the 1st of June in Diamond (TO)Aura CEO, Rodrigo Barbosa, will announce investments of R $ 375 million.

“We are very happy to announce the Diamond Project. We operate mines in Brazil, Mexico, Honduras and the United States and use the highest international standards for safety, respect for the environment, transparent relationship, ethics and value creation with all of our employees. the concerned. In addition to generating jobs and income, we will work to strengthen other sectors of the local economy, which are currently concentrated in agriculture and mining, such as trade, services, real estate and civil construction, ”says Rodrigo Barbosa. We will promote the social development of society through vocational training and entrepreneurship education projects, with Diversity… Last year, we joined Women in miningThis encourages the participation of women in mining, “he adds.

The groundbreaking launch event has already been confirmed by Aura’s President and CEO, Rodrigo Barbosa; Aura Operations Manager Glauber Luvizotto; Aura Project Director, Wilton Morrissey; Secretary of Geology, Mining and Mineral Transformation of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Alexandre Vidigal de Oliveira; Deputy Governor Tocantins, Wanderley Barbosa; Head of the Mining Agency Tocantins (Amito) Tom Lyra; To the President of the Natureza Institute Tocantins (Naturatins), Renato Jaime da Silva and Mayor of Diamond, Wagner Nepomucin, and Carvallo.

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Around the aura

Aura is a Canadian-born mining company with Brazilian management that develops and operates gold and copper projects in the Americas. With a 360-degree mining concept, the company conducts its business by assessing social, environmental and benefit impacts with all stakeholders and more than 1,100 employees. Projects in progress should more than double the size of the company by 2024, with a clear focus on growth in Brazil.

Aura’s production assets include the San Andres gold mine in Honduras, the Ernesto / Pau-a-Pique gold mine in Brazil, the Aranzazu copper, gold and silver mine in Mexico and the Gold Road gold mine in the United States. In addition, the company has two other gold projects under development in Brazil, Diamond and Matoba, and a gold project in Colombia, Tolda Fria, as well as a sponsored and maintained mine in Mato Grosso, San Francisco.

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