A hypnotic seal was found in front of a kebab shop

A hypnotic seal was found in front of a kebab shop

In fact, we constantly have to deal with unfamiliar and unusual situations right now. The news is reported daily, and sometimes, even the journalists don’t believe that the issue they are reporting is true. Recently, news spread that a seal was hypnotized and then found in front of a kebab shop. Learn more details about it.

See the condition of the seal in front of the kebab shop

Photo: Dan Goldsmith/Wild & Marine Rescue

It is common to see news on television or in print newspapers, news that even journalists or editors do not believe. By the time, they’ve become so unusual that you’re left wondering, “How was that possible?”

Recently, the seal wrapper found in front of a kebab shop was posted. First, let’s understand a little bit about this mammal.

Yes, although seals are marine mammals, they can stay on the surface. They are usually found in the colder waters of the planet and are part of the Phocidae family. In addition, they are animals of carnivorous origin.

However, let’s understand the issue. Employees at Istanbul Delight kebab chain branch in Hemsby (Norfolk, England), via a stamp right in front of their store. Yes seal! For them, who were used to receiving people every night, finding a mammal wasn’t natural.

This scenario occurred last Friday, 01/20, as the animal was hypnotized upon seeing the rotating meat in the store. To get there, the seals cut hundreds of meters from the sea, as “the great Mercury of Yarmouth” puts it.

Even if the seal felt comfortable in this situation, it was evidently rescued and relocated to its original place. All this happened around 11 pm.

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Dan Goldsmith, of the charity Marine and Willlife Rescue, decided to register the seal to use as a source of information in the future.

In his opinion, the seal was healthy. He took both he and the other staff mammal And they put him on a stretcher to carry him ashore.

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