A gunman invades the school in SP and attacks the staff of the educational unit – Jornal do Oeste

Justice periodically condemns for ordering public schools in SP to paint in PSDB colors - Jornal do Oeste

An armed man invaded a health clinic and a school in the northern region of São Paulo, on Friday morning, 12, and robbed two women, according to the São Paulo Public Security Department. At the time, the children were in the classroom, but no one was hurt.

“Two women, aged between 40 and 45, were robbed by an unknown gunman on Friday morning (12) around 9 am, in Domingos Francisco de Medeiros Street, in the Brasil region, northern Brazil. The case was registered by the police station The e-mail was referred to Police District 74 (Parada Taipas), which opened a police investigation to investigate the facts,” the SSP reported.

According to the City Council, the Civil Guard team in the capital who attended the incident explained that a man broke into the headquarters of the Basic Health Unit – UBS Vila Santa Teresinha and then went to the Municipal School of Primary Education Professor André Rodrigues de Alckmin “causing disturbance in the places where he went. He was taken. Three cell phones of school staff.

In a memo, the city council, through the municipal education department, lamented that “the space that should serve the community, designated for coexistence and education and training of students, has been the victim of an assault.” The Regional Education Board activated the Learning Support and Monitoring Center to support students and staff in the unit with counselors and psychologists.

Images obtained by Globo TV show a man in a hooded walking down the school corridors at the same time that students and staff were there. He was holding a pistol in his hand which caused a riot at the scene. The police take statements in an attempt to identify the assailant.

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Regarding the health center, the Municipal Health Service reported that “no patient or staff member present at the device was infected, and scheduled and spontaneous consultations continued as normal.”

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