A giant bag of meat washed up on a beach in the UK

A giant bag of meat washed up on a beach in the UK

Beachgoers come across a huge bag of meat on a beach in Cornwall, England. Netizens quickly speculated that the discovery might have an origin a stranger and even alien🇧🇷 However, it is the stomach of a giant whale (which is curious and weird).

The deed was captured on Oct. 27 by Helen Marlowe, who lives locally and was taking her dog for a routine walk on the beach. In an interview with Live Science, the woman described that she initially had no idea what the discovery could be.


“It appears to be a white, fleshy-looking substance,” he said. “It didn’t have defining features, like limbs, but it looked like a lump.” The most curious thing is that despite being a stomach, Helen says the organ doesn’t emit a strong odor.

The origin of the giant bag has been discovered

The one who finally unraveled the mystery was the British Marine Life Study Society, which received the photos of the woman in a group on Faebook. However, the answer was not easy, and until it arrived, it suffered from much speculation. Netizens said that the object could be a placenta, sandbags, or even a weather balloon.

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However, after an analysis it was confirmed that it was the stomach of a whale. The organ was likely washed ashore from a dead whale decomposing on the ocean’s surface. The type of animal is still not entirely clear.

“It’s big,” Abby Crosby, marine conservation officer with the Cornwall Wildlife Foundation, told Live Science. With the size, it is possible to speculate that gastropods belong to species such as the fin whale, the bowhead whale, or even the humpback.

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