A delegation from Colégio Cônsul featured in OxfordMUN and won 4 awards | Education

A delegation from Colégio Cônsul featured in OxfordMUN and won 4 awards |  Education

From 3rd to 5th November, Colegio Consul’s student team consolidated its reputation for academic excellence and debating skills by winning four awards: during the Oxford Model United Simulation Nations (Oxford Model United simulation Nations) event, two Honorable mentions and two students were awarded the title of best representatives. ), held at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom.

OxfordMUN is recognized as one of the most prestigious simulations worldwide, attracting students from various countries. The atmosphere of the Oxford University campus, with its old and historic buildings, provided the perfect setting for the event.

Challenging themselves to debate publicly in a foreign country and in a different language represented a remarkable achievement for the students at the Colegio Consul. Demonstrate proficiency in developing interpersonal skills such as communication and negotiation, conflict resolution and leadership.

English teacher Carline Pepper expressed her pride in the project: “Oxford is a historic sight, and seeing our students/representatives stand out in debates reinforces the incredible work that Colegio Consul is doing with its board and Professor Reinaldo’s leadership. We are proud!”

Director of Colégio Cônsul, Seu Otto Herman Grimm, shared his words of satisfaction: “Following the student participation in OXFORDMUN has been an incredible experience. It is proud and satisfying to see our students at the forefront. Most of the committees presented the proposed themes with great commitment and knowledge, presenting and debating the proposals, We fully believe that this transformative experience makes a significant contribution to creating 21st-century citizens. Students connect with the objectives proposed by the simulations, which is why we have achieved remarkable results.”

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Preparation for OxfordMUN has been intense since the beginning of the year. As the simulation approached, students devoted Saturday and Sunday to extra classes and wrote the necessary papers. During the simulation, the team reviewed the content before the sessions and, if anything specific, did the research at the end of the day.

One of the best students, Maria Wilke, received an honorable mention in her panel debating the Second Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Non-Aligned Movement in 1964. He shared his experience emphasizing the challenges of simulation with experienced delegates. , describes the experience as, at times, challenging and intimidating. “To get through this, we have to believe in our product, put all the shame aside and go out and talk.” We are committed to providing our students with the support and tools they need so they can become active citizens and make positive contributions to our society. We heartily congratulate the students and teachers for this incredible achievement.

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