A couple allegedly possessed by a demon in Britain

A couple allegedly possessed by a demon in Britain

While the two were walking their dogs, the woman took out her cell phone and recorded a “creepy” figure crawling up the path ahead of her. (Credit: Reproduction/The Social Network)

British couple Hannah and Dave Rowett, owners of The White Lion bar and restaurant on Park Street in Worksop, England, have sparked controversy by sharing sightings of what they say is a “ghostly spirit” crawling along footpaths in Clumber Park National Park. in Nottinghamshire.

According to local newspaper the Worksop Guardian, the pair were walking their Labrador through the woods around 6:30 a.m. in early December 2022 when the woman “realized they were not alone”. Then, 52-year-old Hanna took out her cell phone and recorded a “creepy” figure crawling just ahead of her on the track within seconds.

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The British tried to see better using a flashlight. When she stopped replaying the video, she told her husband she had “recorded a ghost.”

Clumber Park is one of the most visited national parks in the English countryside and is famous for “ghostly and mysterious apparitions”, the newspaper reveals. There is even a legend that the place is haunted by a female spirit called the “Grey Lady” (Dama de Cinza in the free translation), who wears a long gray dress.

First, Hannah Rowett took several photos in succession, creating a short clip a few seconds long. It was shared on Facebook and has been viewed 453,000 times, as well as shared 2,800 times.

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The British woman told the Workshop Guardian that she usually “feels things” and that she had no “logical explanation” for the experience in the park, as neither she nor her husband smoke or use a vaporizer (electronic cigarette).

“At first I thought it was a dog, but when I looked closer, I noticed a more human form. It looks very ghostly in the way it crawls with long limbs. It never changes shape, if it smokes it will. I followed him with a flashlight. , then turned to Dave and said, ‘I just saw a ghost, and I caught it on camera.’ .

Dave, 52, describes himself as a “paranormal skeptic” but admits he changed his mind after seeing the footage taken by his wife, which gave him the evidence he needed to believe in ghosts. “I was always very skeptical, but all my hair stood on end from head to toe. I asked him to show me again. I loved it”.

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