A British woman bites into a McDonald’s wrapper and finds a snail in the filling

A British woman bites into a McDonald’s wrapper and finds a snail in the filling

An English woman revealed her horror after she bit into something crunchy in a wrap she bought at McDonald’s and discovered, hidden in the filling, a medium-sized snail. Shelby Page Forrester, from Hodnet, Shropshire, England, posted an unusual fact on social media and promised: “I will never eat at McDonald’s again.”

In a post with many photos showing the animal, with the shell broken into several pieces, she tells of how scared she was when she bit the wrapper and felt something “too crunchy” to be an ingredient in the filling.

“I took two or three bites and felt something crack in my mouth. I was hoping it was a piece of chicken,” he says. “I spat it out and was silent for about ten minutes. My husband asked what was wrong with me, so I asked him to look at the packaging and explain what it was because I totally freaked out.”

The husband examined the contents of the filling and said it had chewed on a snail. Since then, she said, she didn’t know what else to do, whether to run to the sink and puke or vent the anger she felt.

The woman told the British newspaper The Sun: “I was paranoid because it had infected me with some kind of disease, because snails carry all kinds of diseases.”

The couple then threw away what was left of their food and called the network to complain. They were asked to come back and offer another free meal – which they refused.

“I said I wanted my money back and a claim. I’d like some kind of compensation for having a snail in my mouth,” Shelby said.

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lab test

The next day, she receives a call from a McDonald’s employee apologizing for what happened and informing her that molluscum contagiosum will be tested in a lab.

Shelby used to visit McDonald’s with her husband and two children twice a month, but she vowed never to eat there again.

In a note sent to The Sun, the company stated that food quality is paramount in the chain, which places great emphasis on quality control, while following strict standards to avoid any defects.

“When the customer brought the matter to the attention of the restaurant staff, we immediately apologized and provided a full refund. Our customer service team also reached out to the customer to apologize and help find a solution.”

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