A bola – UK supporters block entry into the Rome (Euro) Olympic Stadium

A bola - UK supporters block entry into the Rome (Euro) Olympic Stadium

English fans who plan to travel to Rome to watch the Euro-2020 quarterfinals England-Ukraine will be barred from entering the Rome Olympic Stadium on Saturday.

The British government had earlier encouraged British citizens to travel to Italy due to the need for five days of isolation, but now the Italian embassy in London has issued clarifications encouraging travel, as Italy has tightened restrictions since late June. UK.

In a statement, the Italian embassy said that under current Covit-19 restrictions, “anyone who has been in the UK for the past 14 days, regardless of nationality or residence, will not be allowed on the ground, even if they have a ticket. . Those who could prove that they arrived in Italy at least six days earlier were in a state of isolation for five days, after which Covid-19 underwent post-isolation testing, with a negative result, being allowed to enter the Olympics in Rome. In clarification.

Also, the English Federation did not even sell tickets in the UK through its regular site serving local fans.

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