A BBC journalist rescues migrants trapped in a refrigerated truck in France

A BBC journalist rescues migrants trapped in a refrigerated truck in France

ShThis week, a BBC journalist helped rescue six women, including a minor, who were trying to reach the UK in a refrigerated lorry.

The story is told in the first person and published by the relevant media. It all happened on Wednesday when Khue B. Luu received a letter. “There are some people who crossed the French border into the UK in a van.”

According to B. Lou, this is not the first contact you have with immigrants.

The journalist, who was one of those who told the Essex story, when 39 migrants were found dead in a similar vehicle in Essex in 2019, did not have time to respond – and took a call. “Are you in Europe? Help, it’s urgent,” he heard from the other side.

She couldn’t figure out who he was, and felt frustrated when she didn’t get the answers she needed right away. According to what he said, the voice on the other end was unable to tell him the car’s registration number or location, as well as the direction in which it was heading.

I can not breatheKnowing that there were only six people inside the car, the journalist also learned that the air in the car had been turned on, and that the people inside were cold and terrified.

“It’s so cold, the air [frio] “continues to work”He read a message someone sent him. The truck will be locked to prevent these women from escaping. The same person who sent him the message also sent two videos of the inside.

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In the truck that was transporting the bananas, the women could be seen in the dark, and there was only a few centimeters of space to sit. “I can not breathe”said a younger voice. The women, who had been in the car for more than ten hours, began to worry when their phone location allowed them to realize that their destination had been ‘diverted’, and that they were no longer heading towards the UK.

But one of them was able to share his location with the journalist, who saw that the car was near Drassé, north of Lyon, in France. With the help of fellow journalists in France, he was able to alert the nearest authorities. They could only talk through messages, and the journalist told the women that the authorities were already aware of the incident.

As explained in the BBC article, three men, accompanying three of the women, were also supposed to participate in this trip, but, for unknown reasons, they did not go.

But the men were able to take a photo of the license plate before the women left. With the help of the Irish registration number, the authorities were able to locate the truck in the Rhône region, and the woman is now in France.

According to the journalist, the car was from Lithuania, and the driver is now under investigation. Four of the women are Vietnamese and the other two are Iraqi.

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