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Mashhad achieve success on social media. Reason? An unusual friendship between a Labrador dog and a seven-meter whale shark has been re-recorded on video in Australia.

A dog kisses a 7-meter shark during a boat trip (Image: Instagram reproduction)

According to the diving instructor, Jade PurcellAt the age of 28, she and her boyfriend boarded a boat to the Ningaloo diving area.

In the car, in addition to training equipment, the couple decided to take Jade’s pet dog, Furry a sailor.

While diving, Sailor was alone in the boat while the owner was exploring the sea when a whale shark approached the ship. The dog was not afraid of the 7-meter animal and was curious to get to know him better.

Watching the scene, she, who was close to the boat, recorded the reaction of the Labrador. In the photos, it is possible to see the animal leaning on the boat for a closer look. At one point, the dog extends his hand and “kiss” his new friend, who has just popped part of his head out of the water.

“It was such an innocent interaction that I felt really lucky to see her,” she said. “The belief that Sailor might be the only dog ​​in the world to have kissed a whale shark is so special.” Dailystas.

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