7 new strains of American corona virus

7 new strains of American corona virus

Corona virus SARS – Cove-2 It’s time to stop talking about the new corona virus- No intention of disappearing, Although the advent of vaccines and their positive effect has already been observed in countries like Israel.

For alarming new species first found in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil, Seven have now been diagnosed in the United States alone, As described in one The study has not yet been reviewed -But uploaded to the repository of scientific works- It is echoed The New York Times.

Like them Relatives Travel sisters share the confusion over locally grown varieties in one of the countries most affected by Govt-19 More contagious than dominant to date.

You already know that What is happening in one part of the world is easily copied in another, As in the presence (especially) of the British variant in Spain, but by the discovery of South Africans and Brazilians.

On Monday, the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECTC) issued a statement warning: Ability to cause severe forms of the disease Currently approved vaccines are less effective against them, and the higher the probability that their cases will increase, the higher the level of risk associated with their proliferation “.

In the report, ECTC does not mention the variations described in the United States, which are similar to the rest of the innovations. A mutation in protein S (of Spike, Spicule in English), one on the surface of the corona virus. In particular, seven new American variants share a mutation that converts the amino acid to state 677.

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Louisiana State University virologist Jeremy Kamil said the author of the study describing them The New York Times Still These types are not known to be highly contagious, but they are “highly suspicious”. They say. “I think there are clear signs of an evolutionary advantage,” he explained.

Navarro Ignacio Lopez, a microbiologist at the University of Cochin, explained in this article that “finding differences” Depending on the deployment capability of each country“And predicted:” Iran will appear new, and it is necessary to increase the monitoring and deployment of virus isolates so that each country can identify what types are in circulation and identify new mutants. “

Actions such as closing borders with specific countries (or canceling international flights) They do not avoid the extension of these variations, Which can arise at any time and any place, the expert continued:

According to Lopez Cozy – the article does not specifically mention American variants – this is just the beginning You know how these can affect the effectiveness of vaccines.

In addition to activating cellular immunity (which is essential in the case of viruses), it should be taken into account that most vaccines induce neutralizing antibodies against various components of protein S. A point mutation may change the effectiveness of vaccines, Is delivered as a message of hope.

Meanwhile, Kamil’s team is already active Tests to see The mutation detected in all seven types indicates the risk of infections. In that case, he says, the so-called Brazilian, English and South African varieties will join the dangerous club that is already part of it.

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