60 years later the Library of England receives the book

60 years later the Library of England receives the book

uA library in Ipswich, UK, took 60 years to obtain one of the requested books.

According to international publications, the book arrived on campus after being found in another library in Croatia.

‘The Loving Couple’ was found in a bag containing donated books. Librarian Vedran Levy, who discovered it, was able to find out that the publication had not been delivered when requested in 1952.

“After so many days, it was amazing to get the book from so far away. It was a loving gesture from our colleagues in Croatia.” After receiving the book and the explanatory note, the head of the British Library explained.

Kim Risby added that the handover shows how united the library community is around the world. “I always feel this […]. It is good to know that this feeling is shared in other parts of the world, “he explained, leaving a warning to current customers:” We want to hear from our customers It took them less than 60 years to return the books. “.

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