5 trivia info + watch the short film by Taylor Swift

5 trivia info + watch the short film by Taylor Swift

Written and directed by Taylor Swift, the short film tells the story of the 10-minute version of “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)”

After five months of waiting since the launch announcement, “Red (Taylor version)” He is finally among us and arrives with “All Is Well: The Short Film”! Re-recording the fourth album by Taylor Swift Dawn arrived on Friday (12), with a total of 30 songs, nine of which were “From The Vault,” previously unreleased.

Among the unreleased songs, the singer’s fans most anticipated from the start was the expanded version of “Well”, one of the most loved songs in the fan base since the release of the first release of the album. “Very Well (10 minute version) (Taylor version) (from The Vault)” It is exactly 10 minutes and 13 seconds long, and has 7 more tracks than the originally released song.

During the months of waiting to re-record a file “red” Fans missed the release of a groundbreaking song to drive the new era, but Taylor Swift once again decided to innovate and surprise his fans! Instead of a regular music video, she decided to write and direct her own short film, inspired by the story in which it is told “Well”.

movie stars Sadie Sink NS Dylan O’Brien It is about 15 minutes long. The script and direction were left to Taylor herself, who thought of every detail to please fans.

Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @taylorswift

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Throughout the day, thousands of people stayed on YouTube waiting for the movie’s release and talked about the predictions in an online chat. currently, “All Is Well: The Short Film” Now available worldwide and watchable on YouTube! Check out some fun facts about the production.

5 Fun Facts About “All Too Well: The Short Film”

1. The age difference between the actors

Once Taylor Swift announced the release of the movie and the actors who would star in it, he quickly began researching the details the singer had thought of for production. The age difference between them was one of the things that caught my eye the most Dylan O’Brien NS Sadie Sink. While the actor recently turned 30, Sadie is 19, which makes a difference for 11 years.

Taylor fans quickly linked the choice of the two champions to the age difference between her and Jake Gyllenhaal They had during the time they dated, ever since “Well” It was inspired by their relationship. At that time, the artist was 20 years old, while Jake was 29 years old.

Recorded on 35mm film with cinematography by the great Rina Yang. Plan your party to come or grab your blanket and roll it into a ball. Whichever way you want to watch ‘All Too Well Short Film,’ it comes out tomorrow at 9:00 evening “

2. Film Cover

Taking a deeper look at the cover of the short film, it is also possible to see the work Taylor did to bring the film as close as possible to the sad reality she experienced at the time. “red” It was released in 2012. The characterization of the characters and the way they are represented in the picture manage to convey the exact message.

With Sadie’s eyes open looking toward Dylan’s eyes, he’s looking down because he can’t meet face to face. In this way, Taylor wanted to convey the message that Jake knew he was responsible for the turbulent love story that the two of them had. It is also possible to note that the position of the actress is similar to that of Taylor on the cover of the original album.

3. Stakeholder List

In an interview on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Taylor talked about the process of speaking to the actors to invite them to participate in the film. The singer revealed that she first spoke with Sadie Sink and was thrilled when she first accepted the invitation. “The only two people I’ve imagined playing the characters are Sadie and Dylan. I spoke to Sadie first, and if she hadn’t accepted, I don’t think I would have made the movie. I’d be like ‘This is a sign.'”

However, to the delight of Taylor and all the fans, Sadie and Dylan immediately accepted the invitation to participate in the film. “I’ve watched everything Dylan did, I’m a huge fan. Of the two, actually,” he continued.

Swift also said that she enjoys working with friends, because she doesn’t like having to convince someone to take part in a project. “I’ve never made a short film before. I made some videos already, but I needed to talk to people who thought I could.”

4. The chemistry between the actors

During an interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Taylor spoke about the chemistry the two protagonists had throughout the entire scenes filming process.

In her participation in the program, she talked about a certain scene in the movie where there was a lot of tension between the two characters. “They were very electric and they improvised a lot of the things they were doing. We couldn’t get the camera out of them. We couldn’t cut or edit. So there’s one long clip that lasts a long time and when you watch it, you don’t notice it.”

The idea revolves around the fight in the kitchen, after meeting his friends, where she feels out of place and her lover has left her.

5. New York premiere

To complement the intense outreach schedule, Taylor prepared an event for the first show From the movie, as with the great Hollywood productions. In New York, the actors, their families, and fans gathered to watch the short film exclusively.

Guests were even given a bundle of tissue paper, anticipating that tears would be inevitable for those who attended. “All Is Well: The Short Film”. “It’s really fun that they come here, they’re screaming and singing. We have fans invited. It’s a real celebration between us. We’ve been like this for a long time and I’m happy to honor that,” Taylor said during the event.

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