“I’m going to Lula,” Caetano Veloso said of the second round with Bolsonaro – Nacional

"I'm going to Lula," Caetano Veloso said of the second round with Bolsonaro - Nacional
“I’m already on Lola, somehow,” Cayetano said. (Photo: Youtube/Reproduo)

Singer-songwriter Caetano Veloso said Monday evening (20/12) during Roda Viva, on TV Cultura, that he “goes with Lula” if the ex-president objects to the second round of the 2022 elections against Gayer. Bolsonaro (PL).

“Total. I’m already with Lula in a way. My heart is with Lula and with Ciro,” the singer said when asked about his choice for president.

Another topic covered in the conversation was the resumption of national identity and the number of Brazilians considering leaving the country.

One of the guests on the bench, Professor Luis Antonio Simas, shared that it is common to hear from students about a lack of familiarity with the country and a desire to leave Brazil, and asked the singer how this might change.

Bahian noted that during his youth, in the 1960s and 1970s, this was not uncommon. “It was such a rare thing,” he noted, “and few were able to travel.”

The singer emphasized that he did not want to leave Brazil, and that if he could, he would never live abroad. “I have no desire to live outside Brazil. I lived abroad because Brazil expelled me and exiled me. I will not go myself, I was already expelled. I lived abroad because Brazil expelled me. But today I am here, and I still believe that Brazil can do something for the world”, He said.

Caetano was one of the greatest anti-authoritarian voices during the military dictatorship. Because of this, in 1969, the singer was arrested, fled and exiled to London, UK. At that time, the album Caetano Veloso, released in 1971, was recorded with a more melancholic theme and compositions in English.

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Panelist: Adriana Couto, Journalist and Presenter of Metrpolis on TV Cultura and Nova Manh on Rdio Nova Brasil FM; Marielles Pereira Jorge, columnist at Folha de S.Paulo and columnist and presenter at Mynews; Maria Fortuna, cultural correspondent for O Globo newspaper; Luiz Antonio Simas, professor and writer. Leonardo Lichot, journalist; and Ademir Correa, Director of Content at Rolling Stone Brasil.

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