5 prohibited practices in the kitchen that put your health at risk

5 prohibited practices in the kitchen that put your health at risk

You probably take some precautions when using the kitchen, but there are practices that go unnoticed and are often harmful to your health. In this case, the use of certain materials and failure to take hygienic measures creates problems.

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In addition to making the environment less comfortable, due to unpleasant odor, bacteria accumulation and other conditions, there is a tendency to infection. So do not neglect your health and start identifying possible mistakes.

Don’t make any more mistakes! Discover what practices are unacceptable in any kitchen

  • Use wooden elements

First, a practice that should be eliminated in the kitchen is the use of wooden items, such as cutting boards, spoons, knives, and rolling pins. This recommendation relates to the absorption of moisture, which helps the reproduction of microorganisms. Moreover, wood tends to gradually loosen, making cleaning of tools difficult.

Another practice that leads to food insecurity is cleaning meat, chicken, fish and eggs under running water. Remember that washing does not remove impurities, it only spreads them around the sink. Therefore, let the temperature of the fire kill the microorganisms associated with poisoning.

  • Keep dairy products out of the refrigerator

Third, forgetting dairy products outside the refrigerator, including milk, cheese, yogurt and butter, requires attention. As mentioned, when exposed, important properties are lost: flavour, aroma and texture. On the other hand, it also accelerates the decomposition process.

  • Do not clean or change the sponge

It is worth noting that a sponge can accumulate food residues, fats, moisture, and bacteria, becoming a source of viruses and bacteria. Since it loses its effectiveness quickly, it is necessary to change it weekly.

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Finally, the trash is the place where organic and inorganic waste is disposed of. Therefore, when left open for a few minutes, insects, rodents and other animals appear, which can transmit diseases and cause damage to the kitchen. So, invest in an airtight container and change the bag every day.

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