The crescent and the plane are the astronomical images for today

The crescent and the plane are the astronomical images for today

The image highlighted by NASA today shows a jet and its condensation trails near the moon in its crescent phase. Learn more about the image

December 4
– 3:11 pm

(Updated at 6:22 p.m.)

One airplane The moon is crossing in the image I highlight NASA This Monday (4). The photo was taken in early November in Bolton, UK, shortly after sunrise. Therefore, the plane and its tracks appear illuminated from below.

The tracks left by planes in the sky are usually white, but in this image they appear red. This happened because the large volume of air in the atmosphere toward the rising sun scattered blue light, while aircraft emissions reflected sunlight.

The crescent moon and condensation trails left by the jet (Image: Reproduction/Junaid Patel)

Photo: ChannelTech

Regardless of color, the respective bands are called out Condensation paths. As the name suggests, they are formed as a result of water changing from a gaseous state to a liquid state.

In the case of airplanes, this phenomenon occurs due to the heat emanating from the exhaust of their engines. When heat meets cold water droplets in the atmosphere, the droplets condense and turn into vapor, creating trails like the one in the image above.

Learn more about the moon

The moon is one of the most prominent features in the image as well as the condensation trails. It is the largest and brightest object in the night sky Huge impact on EarthOur natural satellite is responsible for stabilizing the climate and tides.

The Moon, like the Earth, is a sphere always partly illuminated by the Sun; Therefore, all sides of the Moon receive light at some point, so no side of the Moon is always dark. Lunar phases are names that describe how much the lunar disk is illuminated from our observational perspective.

to Lunar phases They are usually divided into perfect, increasing, diminished and new. But, in addition to these main phases, there are also the crescent, gibbous crescent, and gibbous crescent, eight in all.

source: APOD

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