3 Free AI Options Do Incredible Things

3 Free AI Options Do Incredible Things

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is capable of amazing things. We know that Technique It is increasingly present in daily life, providing facilities to everyone’s routine, so it is becoming increasingly impossible to escape from it. Discover three resources that abuse AI to serve users. It is free and accessible to anyone.

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Before we go ahead with some examples that you can include in your daily life, it is important that you understand what artificial intelligence is. In short, it is nothing more than the ability of electronic devices to act in a manner very similar to human thinking. Is this new to you? Then see how it can manifest itself.

Artificial intelligence

Here’s how you can make use of this amazing resource in several affordable ways without any cost. Some of the technologies are in the testing phase and with free versions still allowing for a unique experience for the users.

It is an image generator from text.

To get to know it, just go to the website craiyon.com and type something in English, then you’ll notice the magic happens: a picture will be drawn based on what you’ve typed. It is accessible and fun for art and technology enthusiasts. And you will always create a different image, even if you type the same phrase or word.

The platform made more Success In the last period of 2022. In chat.openai.com, people can do a lot of searches and get amazing answers. Some require intelligence to create original music. Yes, from scratch. Others want to know what numbers they must use to win the Mega-Sena race. ChatGPT is the result Open AI.

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It is a non-profit organization dedicated to research in artificial intelligence.

Founded by a billionaire Elon Musk and by Sam Altman. The system generates scripts from a command.

To celebrate Johann Sebastian Bach’s birthday on March 21, 2019, he performed The Google Released a doodle where users can put notes on sheet music. The interactive doodle was programmed using artificial intelligence, so I was able to create a piece with a structure similar to that of Bach.

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