20 beautiful names according to science! Are you among them?

20 beautiful names according to science!  Are you among them?

Science reveals the 20 most beautiful names in the world, and explores the aesthetics of their sound.

We are not always satisfied with name Given to us by our parents at birth.

As we mature, we develop our preferences and tastes, including an appreciation for names. It’s a natural journey to discover what works for us and what doesn’t.

Names play an important role in a person’s identity and are often seen as a way to honor family traditions or important figures.

However, science suggests that auditory aesthetics also play a crucial role. Some are viewed as more beautiful simply because of their pleasant sound to the ears.

Recently, A Stady This, conducted by Bodo Winter, professor of cognitive linguistics at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, resulted in a list of names considered the most beautiful according to science.

This research highlights how the pronunciation of a name affects our perception of its beauty.

If you’re about to welcome a new family member or want to help someone choose a name, this list can be a valuable source of information. Important.

After all, finding the perfect balance between meaning, tradition and aesthetics is an exciting task when naming someone.

The 20 most beautiful names according to science

Female names

An image to represent a person with a beautiful name – Image: Look Studio/Freepik/Reproduction.

  1. Amelia – A name meaning worker or active;

  2. Aurora – A name meaning “sunrise” or one who rises in the east;

  3. Charlotte – means “woman of the people”, thus the idea of ​​a free woman;

  4. Elena/Helena – represented by the meaning of “flame” or something bright;

  5. Eve – a name that carries the idea of ​​“she who generates life”;

  6. Isabella/Bella – brings a sense of a pure person, separated from God;

  7. Jessica – She is the one whom “God contemplates.”

  8. Olivia – A name that carries the meaning of a peaceful person;

  9. Sophia/Sofia – This name has the meaning of a wise person, with great understanding;

  10. Victoria/Vittoria – a name meaning a victorious or conqueror.

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Male names

Photo: krakenimages.com/Freepik/Reproduction.

  1. Gabriel – brings the idea of ​​a man of God;

  2. Liam – A name that brings security as it means someone who is protective and brave;

  3. Benjamin – means son of happiness, as well as beloved.

  4. Levi – A name with a meaning of united, connected;

  5. Nathan – brings the feeling of being a great gift from God;

  6. Ishaq: A name that brings happiness, as it means “he will laugh,” as well as “son of joy.”

  7. Anthony – Ideal for someone with a sense of worth;

  8. Lucas – A name that brings a sense of light, of an enlightened being;

  9. Daniel – Known as meaning “God is my judge.”

  10. Samuel – Finally, this name means “God hears.”

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