13 reasons why actress Tommy Dorfman appears as a transgender woman

Atriz Tommy Dorfman
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She is best known for her role as Ryan Schaeffer in the series “13 Reasons Why”. NetflixActress Tommy Dorfman, 29, revealed in an interview with Time magazine that she is a transgender woman.

According to the actress, for a year she has been living with a secret gender identity.

She said, “Coming out of the closet has always been seen as a big revelation, but I never stopped revealing. Today it’s all about clarity: I’m a trans woman. Our pronouns are his/her name. My name is Tommy.”

Dorfman noted that he never hid, but acknowledged that he never spoke openly about the topic.

“I knew, as a public speaker, that my refusal to explain could deprive me of the freedom to control my narrative (…) With this medical shift, there was discourse around my body and I began to feel oppressed,” he said.

“I recently looked at examples of other people who turned out to be transgender (…) This is the version that I really couldn’t do, disappear for two years and come back with a new name, a new face, a new body. But that is not what I wanted.”

The actress also said that she does not intend to change her social name for reasons related to the readjustment.

“It was named after my mother’s brother, who passed away a month after I was born, and I feel very attached to this name, to my uncle who hugged me when he was dying. This is a development for Tommy.”

Although she says that she is afraid of losing roles in future series or films, the actress said that she does not intend to change her profession. According to her, too, there is no longer any interest in acting as male characters.

“Maybe except for ‘Cate Blanchett playing Bob Dylan’,” he concluded.

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