“Just like Jessi” TV News

"Just like Jessi" TV News

Pedro Scooby And he warned that he had received a “signal” about his exclusion in Cairo BBB 22. At dawn this Thursday (21), almost at the end of the party, the surfer explained the conclusion of a thought to Paulo Andre Camilo. “Just like Jesse,” he said, recalling Giselean Alves’ departure.

“I’m thinking I’m leaving tomorrow, you know?” , he admitted, slightly drunk, to the Olympian. Paolo replied, “Don’t go. Don’t travel.” Pedro said, “No, I listened to some songs there for me, like Jesse…it was music for me. I really felt so happy to leave.”

At the last party I attended, the biology teacher listened to the Troca de Calçada, by singer Marília Mendonça, and concluded that it was her “homage”, because she would most likely be the next to be left out.

Earlier, Pedro had already prepared the ground for a possible cancellation. “If you leave, I will leave happy,” declared Cynthia Decker’s husband. “No, you will stay,” the runner insisted. “I will cheer up for you,” Carioca promised. “You will stay. We will go to the final together,” the Palestinian Authority said.

Scooby asked, “No problem, no. If you go out, you’ll turn it into energy. Is that okay?” “You can, but you will remain,” concluded Paulo Andre. Then the athlete helped the surfer get around the house, but they ended up falling out together.

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