110W Radeon RX 6700M Shows Higher Performance Than RTX 3070 For Laptops Under Test

110W Radeon RX 6700M Shows Higher Performance Than RTX 3070 For Laptops Under Test

AMD graphics card has a big advantage compared to 3070, but it has a higher TGP advantage

Chinese Q&A website username zihu Recently shared the results of preliminary tests conducted with the game notebook Delta 15 from MSI which equips the Radeon RX 6700M. The results showed the results 9% better than RTX 3070 For mobile devices, but has a TGP advantage above 110 watts.

In addition to the Radeon RX 6700M, made with a more basic version of the Navi 22 chip with 2304 Stream Processors and 10 GB of GDDR6 memory, the laptop reviewed also has Risen 9 5900 height NS 16 GB of RAM working in 3200 MHz. The other notebook tested was Scanner Blade 14 With RTX 3070 (portable version) and also a file Risen 9 5900 altitude.

Photo: Zhihu / Reproduction

The first tests were performed using 3DMark Time Spy, but only with Radeon RX 6700M with a Latest version (21.7.2) and older version of Adrenalin driver For AMD graphics cards. The results show a 6% benefit difference for the latest driver version. research:

Photo: Zhihu / Reproduction

Now let’s move on to the comparison between Nvidia and AMD, where a full graphic has been shared showing the performance of the two laptops in the different games that are shown in Full HD (1080p), but definitions of quality used in titles was not specific.

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Comparisons in the games of the two GPUs (Photo: Zhihu / Reproduction)

MSI announces new lines of gaming notebooks with AMD hardware

Twelve different titles have been tested, and although the two models hold very interesting frame rates in games, their The RTX 3070 only took advantage of 2 of these titles. middle, The RX 6700M’s advantage is about 9.1% higher than its competition.

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Seems like a cool feature, but it’s worth noting Laptops with this AMD graphics processor will have TGP versions of 80W, 110W and up to 135W, While the RTX 3070 we tested has an 80W TGP. According to the consumption information using SmartShift, we can conclude that The RX 6700M used is the 110W version. This difference in consumption between the two GPUs should be the main factor that gave AMD the advantage in this scenario.

SmartShift transfers power between the GPU and CPU to improve performance (Photo: Zhihu/Playback)

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In conclusion, the RX 6700M had a huge advantage in these tests, but it wasn’t very fair. In general, both cards offer interesting performance in 1080p and their manufacturers recommend using up to 1440p in some games.

via: WccftechAnd Video Cards Source: zihu

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