1,000-year-old Viking treasure found on British island (video)

An impressive set of 100 silver coins, mostly coins, corresponding to the Viking age and discovered in April of this year on the Isle of Man.

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Sputnik – The nearly 1,000-year-old Viking treasure consists of 100 pieces of silver, most of which were minted in the present-day territories of Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Isle of Man.

An incredible collection of 100 silver coins, mostly coins, corresponding to the Viking Age was announced on Wednesday (14) and was discovered in April of this year on the Isle of Man (a British Crown located between Great Britain and Ireland). ) Treasure by the investigating judge, the National Heritage Organization informed.

According to the authorities, the treasure was found by Cath Giles, who made another archaeological discovery in 2020 while searching for traces in the special terrain with the help of a metal detector.

The last treasure discovered by Giles consists of 87 coins of different places, some of which are pennies, minted almost a thousand years ago in the lands of Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Isle of Man itself.

Coins from Ireland and the Isle of Man show King Sigtrygg II, who ruled Dublin. In addition, in some you can see the English kings Canute and Ettelhard II, as well as Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Otto I of Saxony.

The other thirteen pieces of treasure, known as shards, were pieces of silver that were accepted as bargaining chips, and their value depended on the purity of the material. This form of payment demonstrates the resilience of the economy during the Viking Age, according to the statement.

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For her part, numismatist Christine Bornholt Collins noted that the coins are “a direct reflection of the money that circulated on the island and surrounding areas in the 1920s and 1930s.”

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