″Rain and lightning.″ The UK faces heavy rain and flooding

″Rain and lightning.″ The UK faces heavy rain and flooding

Many parts of the United Kingdom have been affected by flooding, leading authorities to issue warnings of heavy rain and thunderstorms across much of the country and predicting travel cancellations in the coming days.

Parts of Cornwall and Devon were affected by flooding due to rain on Monday. The east coast counties of Essex, Suffolk and Lincolnshire also felt the storm’s impact.

The National Flood Forum has warned that the country is still at risk of flooding as these events become an increasingly “regular pattern”.

“Flooding has increased during the time I’ve been working on flood risks. We’re seeing it every year now. We’re still more reactive than proactive. If we don’t have floods in the headlines, we’ll be a bit more relaxed,” he explained. Guardian Heather Shepard, flood recovery specialist.

The expert warned that “building like crazy everywhere” increases the risk of flooding because many new buildings “are in places where there was water. There is no urban area”.

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