Zizi’s son refutes the accusation of tampering with publications amid controversy with Graciel Lacerda – Entertainment

Zizi’s son refutes the accusation of tampering with publications amid controversy with Graciel Lacerda – Entertainment

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Igor Camargo, the youngest son of Zizi de Camargo, refuted accusations of manipulation of prints of Wanessa Camargo’s photographs. In the video posted on his personal Instagram page, Igor explains that the prints containing an attack on his sister, which he previously published, are not a montage. The recording was made by Amabelle Iroa’s husband amid the confusion that occurred with Gracielle Lacerda, his stepmother.

“We are on Wanessa’s Instagram account. Here is the post with a comment from Priscila Dantas [perfil fake do qual Graciele Lacerda é acusada de usar] Who carried out the attack. I’ll get into this post. Anyone can do it from home. Right click on the date, inspect and show the html code of the site. You cannot change this, it is from the site. “This is the mark of the day and time to post,” Igor said in the recording. (Watch the video below)

Last month, Amabelle Erua published an open letter in which she claimed she had discovered that the profile used to defame her on social media was created by one of her “everyday acquaintances”. After speculation, Amabelle finally gave her name: according to her, it was Gracielle Lacerda who created the profile. The case is in court.

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Afterwards, Igor had met his father and presented all the evidence raised by Amabile, as reported by journalist Leo Dias. But Zizi said he did not want to participate in the fighting. A few days later, the boy confirmed that he had been fired by the country singer, in a text posted on social media.

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Graciele admits to creating a fake profile

In an interview with Amazing Sundayfrom registerLast Sunday, Zizi De Camargo’s fiancée spoke out about the accusations and finally admitted to creating the profile. But Gracielli tried to justify herself by saying that she created the account to defend herself from the attacks she was subjected to after she had a relationship with the singer.

“Ever since we started our relationship, I have been suffering from hatred; to this day, there is this thing about destroying our family, and us being lovers. No matter how it started, we love each other. I kept silent for many years, out of respect,” he said. Gracielli.

“I created a fake photo to defend myself at that time, because they were creating multiple people to attack me. And I just created a fake photo, with my email and address, because I had no intention of messing with anyone, I just wanted to defend myself.” He added: “I myself, because I had a need.”

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