Zee Felipe comments on rumors of a stay between Jade Bacon and Neymar

Zee Felipe comments on rumors of a stay between Jade Bacon and Neymar

after, after Joao Guilherme to speakZee Philippe also commented on rumors that Judd Bacon, his ex-wife’s sister, was to be staying with Neymar.

“Answering questions this phone hasn’t stopped since yesterday. I only have one thing to say: the fault lies with the Brazilian Football Confederation. football). Minino Nye came to develop a great job, the CBF dropped his date and went to the event,” he said country side in your Instagram stories.

The rumor began on an Instagram dedicated to the commentary on the life of a celebrity, which spread the alleged involvement between the influencer and the player. football.

At dawn, Joao Guilherme tweeted after rumors took hold of social networks, naming him, Jade and Neymar common Threads Do Twitter.

“I’m not sleeping in a fetal position today, I swear I will Yes Well family,” wrote the singer’s son Leonardo, who added, “I will enjoy it and become a singer.” country side“.

He even responded to someone who posted a meme about the situation, joking that John was going to send, “I liked the the cars**For jade.

“Stop making fun of him, brother,” the singer asked, laughing.

Joao and Jade announce the end of their 3-year relationship A little over a week ago, on the twenty-ninth day.

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