Zayla humiliates Pilar in hospital bed and makes her feel ill TV News

Zayla humiliates Pilar in hospital bed and makes her feel ill TV News

in a In the time of the emperorAnd zilla Heslin Vieira won’t deal with being abandoned Samuel (Michelle Gomez). The boy will decide End the engagement to call back Pillar (Gabriela Medvedovsky), Who will just be shot in the middle of the street. Olu (Rugero Brito)’s envy daughter will go to the hospital to threaten her rival and make her feel sick on the TV series Six in the Morning on Globo.

No The chapter is scheduled to air on October 15The doctor will sleep in her bed. When she opens her eyes, she will be stunned when she comes face to face with the villain. The wicked woman will say, “How are you, Pilar? Are you afraid of me?”

“Why would I do that?” the girl asks. “Why Did Samuel steal from me?Zaila replied, “You don’t deserve his love! You left Samuel to become a doctor! Samuel has invaded. We were about to get married, and we were happy,” the shrew completed.

‘I will fight’

Pilar will assure that she will not care what the enemy will say and will ask her to leave. “Stop playing the poor guy and using this
You shot to steal Samuel from me! ”, complains the character played by Heslin Vieira.

“I’m not wearing anything, I almost died, that’s possible! Samuel is the one who came looking for me! He wanted to come back! He was with you trying to forget me, don’t you see?”

Zayla will tease again: “Please, I did not come to fight you. Of course I am angry, but I do not wish you harm, let alone Samuel, whom I love and will love for the rest of my life. I just want you to know that I will not give up and will fight for him.”

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