Zack Snyder does not understand the harassment that Amber Heard was subjected to after her trial with Johnny Depp: “I will work with her without thinking twice” – Cinema News

Zack Snyder does not understand the harassment that Amber Heard was subjected to after her trial with Johnny Depp: “I will work with her without thinking twice” – Cinema News

Additionally, Christopher Nolan praised Watchmen and Snyder claimed he was “really good” at Fortnite.

There is no doubt that Zack Snyder is one of the directors who receives the most attention, both for his own work and his commentary. The director, who will release the first part of Rebel Moon: Firegirl on Netflix on December 22, gave his take on one of the most controversial recent issues surrounding the DCU, during a very interesting interview given to Hollywood Reporter.

This is nothing more than harsh attacks from com. fandom To Amber Heard, as they called for her to be completely eliminated from the new Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom movie, where she plays Mera. The attacks are the result of her media trial with Johnny Depp. Snyder admitted that he was appalled by the online harassment the actress received, and he was very clear about one thing:

I just don’t understand. If others don’t like it, I don’t know what to say. I would work with her in a heartbeat.

Legacy of the Guardians

In the distant early 2010s, the fates of Christopher Nolan, who had just arrived in superhero heaven with The Dark Knight trilogy, and Zack Snyder intersected to form, as producer and director respectively, Man of Steel. It will serve as a launching point for the DCU, which is now about to say a final goodbye.

Taking the leap and producing a multi-million dollar superhero film is no easy task and requires the complete trust of its lead director. In Snyder’s case, the director had a cover letter that a decade later continues to amaze Nolan, which makes it understandable why the Brits chose good old Zack to shape the darkest Superman we’ve ever seen on the big screen.

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Of course, the movie I’m referring to is anything but a brilliant Watchmen movie: an exercise in impeccable style with a story to match, especially in style. Final cutWhich Christopher Nolan did not hesitate to praise (via: Espinov):

I always thought Watchmen was ahead of its time. The idea of ​​a team of brilliantly subverted superheroes didn’t exist in cinema yet. It would be great if it was released after The Avengers

Patrick Wilson, who played Dan Dreiberg in Watchmen, also praised Snyder’s work in the film, agreeing with Nolan that it was ahead of its time:

“Watchmen is my only movie that I’ve watched from start to finish since it came out. This movie is incredible. I wanted to see it as an older man, as a director. I knew Zack was ahead of his time. “It’s weird to say that audiences weren’t ready for it, but you need To a movie like this. “You need movies this dark for The Avengers to be this bright.”

Patrick Wilson defends Zack Snyder’s Watchmen: ‘I needed this to be able to do The Avengers later’

“Do you really play Fortnite at 3 in the morning?”

In turn, Zack Snyder found his new obsession with Fortnite, which went so far as to worry his wife. This is what he admitted in the interview:

“I’ve been playing Fortnite a lot. I’m actually pretty good at it. But also, you know, it was 3 a.m. and my wife said, ‘Do you really play Fortnite at 3 a.m. versus 12?'” Year-olds?’ My skin is Mr. Meeseeks from Rick & Morty. If Meeseeks kills you, it could be Zack Snyder.

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With things like this, it’s hard not to like Zack Snyder.

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