Yvette Sangalo takes a stand against Bolsonaro: ‘This government does not represent me’

Yvette Sangalo takes a stand against Bolsonaro: 'This government does not represent me'

Yvette Sangalo (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

After receiving many attacks and criticism on social media, Yvette Sangalo I decided to take a stand on politics. On Tuesday afternoon, Mughniyeh Baheya (22) posted a post on Instagram saying that she is against the president Jair Bolsonaro (No party).

“My fellow, I understand how necessary it is not to question what I believe in at this moment. The government over there is starting to not represent me even before the idea of ​​its existence.”

We will resolve this when we join forces in the upcoming elections through the power of voting. Now, let’s unite in favor of what we can do in our spaces to beat this mess, which is: use masks, cleaning, vaccinations, and whatever else is necessary. So let’s get vaccinated. He concluded his speech by saying, “I support the vaccine for all.”

Monday (21st), Yvette lamented that Brazil had reached a level 500,000 dead due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. In the post, the artist was outraged by the loss of many lives, but avoided taking a political position on the health crisis, caused by the mismanagement of the Bolsonaro government.

In the sequence, Sangalo was criticized by some Twitter users, who wondered why the head of state was not criticized: “It’s not about parties”, what’s the matter, Donna Yvette Sangalo? Because if we get to that mark, it’s because people have taken so long to accept the vaccine,” said one user.

“People, according to Yvette, 500,000 deaths are not natural, but pay attention: ‘It’s not about partying,'” someone else replied. “I looked at the photo and was surprised: ‘Yvette is positioning herself?’ When I run to the translation, nothing is different,” he posted Third follower.Fan’s shot: “Ivy even mourns the 500,000 dead, excluding himself.”

See Ivete Sangalo’s post:

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