Young men miss a chance to enter Gauchão’s G-4

Young men miss a chance to enter Gauchão's G-4


The European League is threatened with collapse two days after its creation

São Paulo, SB (Fulhapres) – The European Super League, a venture of 12 of the continent’s richest clubs officially on Sunday (18) that promised to revolutionize world football, is close to a heavy blow. Manchester City became the first club in the tournament to announce its withdrawal on Tuesday (20), as stated in a statement posted on the official website. “Manchester City confirms that it has legally initiated measures to disengage from the group that plans to host the European Premier League,” the Manchester Federation said. According to the English press, Chelsea is also preparing to withdraw from the dissident group, which has angered international federations in recent days, such as UEFA and FIFA, in addition to sparking protests from the fans. The biggest protests took place directly in front of Chelsea Stadium on Tuesday, before the London team entered the Premier League arena. The demonstrations even delayed the match against Brighton by 15 minutes. Former team goalkeeper and now club technical advisor Petr Cech went to the fans to ask them not to block access to the stadium. According to Reuters, he told the crowd, “I know, but give everyone time.” The BBC initially released information that Russian-controlled club Roman Abramovi was preparing to leave the Premier League. Chelsea fans celebrated it like a goal. Amid rumors about the withdrawal of some Premier League members and minutes after the official withdrawal from City, Manchester United announced that its executive vice president, Ed Woodward, will be stepping down at the end of 2021. The Manchester United manager said in a statement posted on the club’s website, “It is a great honor. I’ve been working with the biggest club in the world for 16 years. ” In an interview with the French sports newspaper L’Equipe, Real Madrid president and Premier League agent Florentino Perez said he was not afraid of possible withdrawals of the competition’s founders. “The situation is so dangerous that everyone agrees to carry out this project and search for a solution. We believe that this is the best and it is our responsibility [fazer a Superliga acontecer]. “We are ready to talk to everyone to save football,” Florentino said. The movements occurred during the European evening, after the morning and afternoon of the increasing pressure between governments and sports authorities against the creation of the Premier League, a tournament that threatens to compete mainly with the European Champions League and thus with the European Football Association. In the UK, it has already become an official subject. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday that no action had been taken to prevent the creation of the tournament among 12 of the richest teams, six of them in English, he said, the government was exploring all options, including new laws. Taxes, a review of the property form, visa and travel restrictions are also being discussed, according to the British press, to combat the notion that critics see as anti-competitive. Johnson has met representatives of the Football Association, the Premier League and fan groups, and announced this and his office said in a statement that the government will not allow the accommodation. Closed shop “football.” On Twitter, he publicly praised Chelsea and Manchester City’s intention to jump out of the Premier League. “The decision by Chelsea and Manchester City is” absolutely certain, “said Boris Johnson,” and I congratulate them on that. I hope other clubs participating in the Premier League will follow suit. ” The British Prime Minister also intends to discuss the issue with leaders from Spain, Italy and other countries that have teams in the Premier League so far. After meeting 14 of the 20 clubs not part of the initiative, the Premier League said it had “unanimously and forcefully” rejected the Premier League’s plans and was planning to take action against the six teams (Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City. Manchester United and Tottenham) who had participated in the competition. “ The Premier League is considering all available measures to prevent its advance [da Superliga]As well as holding the respective shareholders accountable according to their rules, “the association said in a separate statement, the Everton Board of Directors criticized the six competitors for showing” ridiculous arrogance “and defaming the English Premier League, Pep Guardiola, Manchester City coach. He also spoke about the tournament and criticized its sporting elements, such as few Relegation and Capture the Teams: “It’s not a sport if success is guaranteed or if it doesn’t matter when you lose. I’ve said many times that I want a successful league, and not just with a team at the top. “Presidents can speak more clearly about the direction of football. It is uncomfortable for us [treinadores falarmos] Because we don’t have all the information. I can give you my opinion, but not more than that. ”He also criticized the European Union for thinking only of its interests. Without directly mentioning the possibility of excluding teams and players from competitions organized by the entity, FIFA President said, Swiss Gianni Infantino has once again expressed his rejection of the idea of ​​the Premier League, “If some people follow their own path, they have to live with the consequences of their choice,” he said. Either you are in or out. It can’t be half and half outside. UEFA President Slovin Alexander Ceferin, who had referred to rebel leaders as snakes driven by greed, left the door open for reconciliation on Tuesday, saying there was room for a first judicial decision on the matter. The Madrid court ruling in corporate disputes gave A positive judicial order for the Premier League, preventing entities from adopting measures restricting the performance of their teams in competitions or excluding players and coaches from them.The club bloc sought to take preventive measures in various areas of justice, with the semi-finals of the Champions League and the European League (competitions organized by the European Union) Football) scheduled for next week, time may be short Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal, Superliga’s founders, are participating in the competition.Semi-final, the only semi-final champion outside this group is Paris Saint-Germain, which is dominated by Qatar. Its president, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, waved to the European Commission: “We believe that any proposal without the support of UEFA does not solve the problems facing the football community today. But it is driven by personal interest. “

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