Yasmin Brunet discovers a broken rib in the hospital with MC Daniel

Yasmin Brunet discovers a broken rib in the hospital with MC Daniel

The actress said that she fractured her rib during training and is now resting at home. “Anything you feel is wrong with your body, see a doctor, go to the hospital, don’t stay home like you think nothing will happen, because sometimes something silly can get worse.”

Relationship rumours

During the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Sao Paulo on Sunday (5), the model spoke about her relationship with MC Daniel. “I’m not dating. MC Daniel is my boyfriend. He’s just my boyfriend. We’re not a couple, we’re friends,” she confirmed, who told Quem last Tuesday (31) that she was not available for a relationship.

The model also spoke about a post that went viral, in which she said she wanted to “date a guy with tattoos.” “I don’t know if this is the law of attraction,” she said.

She and MC Daniel have a romantic moment, including exchanging affection. In the video, posted on TikTok by user Do Top Brasil, the two appear very close, laughing and hugging, and at one point they appear to be kissing.

How did the rumors of the affair start? MC’s daughter Daniel and Luisa Brunet were seen having dinner together, after Daniel broke up with Mel Maya and Brunet broke up with her ex-husband Gabriel Medina, and since then, they have appeared together more and more.

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