“Xuxa” pays tribute to her mother in an iconic display and becomes emotional; He watches

“Xuxa” pays tribute to her mother in an iconic display and becomes emotional;  He watches

Xuxa rocked the second night of her cruise – Photography: Blad Meneghel

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Published on 02/24/2024 at 21:15:45,
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The second night of Navio Carna Xuxa 2024, this Friday (23), was marked by the distinguished show of the presenter. Shortly after taking the stage and singing the song of the same title as the event, Xuxa became emotional as she remembered her mother Alda Meneguel, who died in 2018. To the audience, the Junior Queen shared that she missed calling her and asking for your blessings. (Watch the video at the end of the report).

“Before I went (on stage) I would call my mother (pause)… to ask her to bless me. Because the only thing I said to my mother was: ‘Mom, pray that no one gets hurt.’ Pray that everyone will be happy,” Xuxa said. Emotionally.

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“Today I really wanted to talk to her,” he continued in a choked voice. And if you'll excuse me (she looks up and closes her eyes) “Mother, protect everyone and be happy.” Then the song O Xou da Xuxa started playing.

According to the report, about 3,000 people, which is the ship's maximum capacity, watched the presenter's show, which showed vitality and physical fitness. Xuxa sang 22 songs, all with a carnival rhythm, including songs such as “Libera Geral”, “Arco-Íris”, “Lua de Cristal”, “Marquei um X” and “Tindolêlê”.

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Xuxa takes photos with 500 fans daily

During the entire duration of the cruise, which will take place between February 22 and 25, Xuxa Meneghel will take photos with 500 fans daily, who have been randomly selected. All the details of Carna Xuxa were supervised by the presenter at all stages of preparation.

At Friday night's concert, the pop singer wore tight skirts and clothes, showing that she has reached her 60s in good shape. The show on display was very different from what Universe Spanta had been showcasing in January. This Saturday (24), singer Pablo Vittar will perform on board.

After Carna Xuxa, the artist will begin her The Last Flight of the Nave tour, which marks the end of the famous Xou da Xuxa ship in her shows. But this does not mean she is retiring, as she has several projects for 2024 and has shown great energy behind the scenes.


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