Xbox Game Pass, May 2022: Confirmed games on day one of the catalog go up to 7

While we are still waiting for Microsoft’s official announcement of upcoming games May 2022 in the Xbox Game Pass catalogMeanwhile, confirmed games are starting on the 1st of the month Climb to 7to which all others must be added.

Here are the seven games scheduled to arrive on day one in the Xbox Game Pass catalog in May 2022, for now:

  • Lot River – May 3
  • sleeping citizen – May 5th
  • Journey to my day – May 5th
  • Ioden’s History: Rise – May 10th
  • Hardspace Shipbreaker – May 24
  • Elite Sniper 5 – May 26
  • Pac-Man Museum + – May 27

We’ve already seen several weeks ago that the games that arrived on day one are in the Xbox Game Pass catalog In May 2022 there were already fivebut two more must be added to the total to reach 7 titles.

We remind you that we are only talking about the games planned to be launched on the first day within the subscription service, so with a scheduled release already in May and this is not the total catalog of games planned, which will obviously be on a larger scale.

The official announcement that the games will arrive in the first half of May 2022 is set for Xbox Game Pass subscribers for this week, likely today, May 3. Meanwhile, among the unexpected additions, NBA 2K22 has also been included in recent days.

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