Xbox Game Pass: Clear the misunderstanding and ensure that this game will not arrive on the first day of the service

Xbox Game Pass: Clear the misunderstanding and ensure that this game will not arrive on the first day of the service

Xbox Game Pass features an extremely diverse catalog that expands week after week with new additions. There are already a few titles confirmed for June, and a recent tip seems to suggest that another highly anticipated game will be joining the release list; However, it was all a misunderstanding.

In early 2024, ATLUS delighted die-hard JRPG fans with the release of Persona 3: Reload, the remake of the 2006 classic. The best part? Active subscribers to the Microsoft service were able to benefit from it on the first day, at no additional cost. Additionally, Ultimate level members enjoy up to January 31, 2025 To claim a free Aigis: The Anwser episode and Expansion Pass.

With this date, players expected that the next ALUS game would also be available on day one in the service's library. While there seems to be a hint that this is the case, the Japanese company has addressed the rumors and cleared up the misunderstanding.

We're talking about Shin Megami Tensei V: Revengethe definitive version of the popular JRPG that debuted on Nintendo Switch in 2021. In addition to giving up exclusivity with the hybrid console, it will contain all downloadable content (DLC) and introduce a new narrative line.

The re-release will be available for all platforms, including Microsoft consoles. Many expect it to debut on Xbox Game Pass on day one, but it looks like that won't be the case.

The Japanese company had “mistakenly” announced that it would be available on Xbox Game Pass on Instagram. She confirmed to Gematsu's Sal Romano that it was just a mistake related to the image template that was used in the post. As such, the video that caused The hype has already been removed from Instagram. Thus, everything seems to indicate that the JRPG will not arrive on Xbox Game Pass on day one, at least for now.

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The Japanese company will likely surprise fans and officially confirm the addition of the RPG game during next week's Xbox Showcase; However, fans should temper their expectations. It was a strange thing, but in fact it may have been a mistake or an anticipation, we will find out later.

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance will be available on June 14 for Xbox One, Xbox Series


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