Women for Women: Mario Vuvuka Finds Out He’s Adopted | Come to me around – come

Women for Women: Mario Vuvuka Finds Out He’s Adopted |  Come to me around – come

Elas por Elas: Mario Fufuka discovers that he has been adopted

t son, Mario gossip (Lazaro Ramos), it was adopted. But the detective himself is surprised by a clue that will sharpen your investigative senses. Ever since he discovered that his mother was present at a conference in Aguas de Lindoya on the supposed date of his birth, he began to feel suspicious.

In Elas por Elas, Mario will discover that he has been adopted – Image: Reproduction/TV Globo

So, the next morning, when you sit at the breakfast table, you will have a strange posture in addition to your usual geeky look. This behavior will surprise the parents.

“What happened to you, Mario? A carpenter animal?”, asks Evilásio.

The detective will sit at the table having coffee with his family, but in a more suspicious way than usual – Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

“I know you,” Raquel would continue. “You want to ask something. It’s always been like this, ever since I was a kid. And he wanders around until he sends the question.

“What question should I ask? Maybe something I don’t know? Anything I want to know? Something, as Mario would say, that will surprise himself. For the first time in my life, I don’t know how to ask!”, he finishes, getting up from the table and running towards bedroom.

Evelasio and Raquel will find their son’s behavior strange – Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

There, the investigator will regret the failure of his attempt, and will study how to encourage himself to ask his parents the question that torments him.

Mario talks to himself as he gains the courage to ask his family about his origins; Without realizing it, his father saw him – Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

However, Evilásio, who will hide behind the door watching his son, will panic when he realizes that he is about to tie ends. Then he would run into the living room to talk to his wife.

“He figured it out, Raquel. Mario figured it all out! He’ll say he knows it wasn’t you who gave birth to him.”

Evelasio will panic when he realizes that his son has already found out that he is adopted – Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

“Ah, Evelacio. Sooner or later, this was going to happen. And in Mario’s case, it was later. Now, my love, we have to talk to him,” she will reply.

However, at this moment, it will be the detective himself who will surprise them, after overhearing the conversation between the parents.

Mario will face his parents – Image: Reproduction/TV Globo

“Then that’s it? Are you going to explain to me what’s going on?”, Mario Fufuka will ask. “Correct me if I’m wrong. Based on all this, am I not your son?”

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