Without passing the baton? Vivian Araujo shines in Mancha Verde parade in SP; Musa rules out leaving her position

Without passing the baton?  Vivian Araujo shines in Mancha Verde parade in SP;  Musa rules out leaving her position

Vivian Araujo rocks the Mancha Verde parade in the early hours of Saturday the 10th for the SP Carnival.

Photo: AGNews, Leo Franco/Purepeople

Vivian Araujo She is back to shine on the catwalks. The muse performed in the early hours of Saturday the 10th of this month, once again as the Queen of Mancha Verde's drums. Jameela has shown she has it all on top and warned she is far from handing over the baton.

In an interview with fromVivian said she has no intention of leaving the position she has held for 19 years. “Today, I don't see myself. I can't see myself apart from all this here. But I know that one day I won't be like that. And I have this awareness. But I don't know it.” He said.

The actress previously confided in this The secrets to staying in good shape is trainingShe commented on the importance of the title Queen of Queens. “I don't know exactly. I think it's because of my history over many years, and then I think I built it, I got to what you're talking about. “But it's a joke,” he analyzes.

She also highlighted that she has a good relationship with Doda, the drum princess and the daughter of the school president. “Women have to be there side by side, that's all. There is another way, I don't see any other way, to show that we are capable, that we have strength, in everything. Duda is the girl that I saw in her mother's womb, I was 19 years old, When she arrived here, her mother was pregnant, so it's a very loving relationship, you know? I see Doda next to me today, this size, it's beautiful, this place is hers, “I'm just here to decorate it, but this is Doda, you know?” I am happy to see its development, to follow it, it has been many years,” he said, thinking.

Preparing for the Salguero parade

Vivian R…

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