Withdrawal of R$ 2,900 via Caixa at the end of the deadline; Understand how to receive

Withdrawal of R$ 2,900 via Caixa at the end of the deadline;  Understand how to receive

The Caixa Econômica Federal sets an end to the uniform withdrawal period that benefits workers born in September. This specific group of people will have until the end of November to make their annual withdrawal from the FGTS Fund. It is worth noting that the total amount chosen for withdrawal is not fixed and depends on the worker’s FGTS account balance.

The Birthday Draw, as it is popularly known, benefits birthday holders by allowing them to withdraw a percentage of their reserve funds. However, although very convenient, this type of withdrawal has its drawbacks, such as waiving the right to temporarily withdraw from the FGTS in the event of unfair dismissal.

How much does Caixa allow you to withdraw?

The amount a worker can withdraw, which can be less or more than R$2,900, is calculated based on a rate ranging from 5% to 50%, plus an additional premium. In other words, if the balance is equal to R $ 1,000, the withdrawal amount will be R $ 450, taking into account the rate of 40% + R $ 50 additional premium.

There are seven credit ranges, each with its own rate and additional premium. Check the table below for better understanding:

Balance range limit Aliquot Additional installment
Up to R$ 500 50%
From R$500 to R$1000 40% 50 Brazilian real
From 1 thousand Brazilian reals to 5 thousand Brazilian reals 30% 150 Brazilian reals
From 5 thousand Brazilian reals to 10 thousand Brazilian reals 20% 650 Brazilian reals
From 10 thousand Brazilian reals to 15 thousand Brazilian reals 15% 1,150 Brazilian reals
From R$15,000 to R$20,000 10% 1900 Brazilian real
More than 20 thousand Brazilian reals 5% 2900 Brazilian real

How to submit a withdrawal request?

To withdraw FGTS resources, the worker must request a withdrawal through the Caixa app available for Android and iOS, or via the website. Other options include using Caixa online banking or in-person assistance at a bank branch.

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The required amounts will then be deposited into the worker’s digital savings account and can be transferred via the Caixa Tem app. However, the beneficiary has the right to specify another account to receive the amount.

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