With two awards a year, Medina joins the top ten among the biggest winners in surfing

With two awards a year, Medina joins the top ten among the biggest winners in surfing

Madina El Monawara

Gabriel Medina achieved his 16th victory in the elite stage of his career, by invading the Rottnest Island theater in Australia, last Tuesday. Now, the Brazilian is ranked ninth on the list of 10 most successful athletes in world surfing history, linked to former surfer Martin Potter, from the United Kingdom.

Excited about his second victory in the Australian second leg, as he reached three finals from the four disputed stages, Medina posted a picture with the three trophies he won in the state of Oceania, two titles (Narabin and Rotnest Island) and Vice (Newcastle). He still had second place in the Hawaiian Babe Masters Championship at the season opener.

Legendary surfer Kelly Slater, who has been an 11-time world champion, is at the top of the recluse standings, with 55 victories. American Tom Corinne came second with 33 achievements. Australian Tom Carroll finished podium with 26 trophies.

Australians dominate the ranking. Mick Fanning appears fourth and Damian Hardman sixth, while Parton Lynch and Mark Richards are tied for seventh. Andy Irons from Hawaii breaks the streak in fifth place. The city is the only Brazilian in the top ten list.

With two accomplishments accumulating, the Brazilian needs two more wins to break his record for wins in a single season. If this happens, he can move up to sixth place in the ranking.

Check out the list of the 10 biggest stage winners in world surfing history:

1st place – Kelly Slater (USA) – 55 wins

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2.º – Tom Corin (US) – 33

The third – Tom Carroll (Australia) – 26

4th – Mick Fanning (Australia) – 22

5th – Andy Irons (Hawaii) – 20

6th – Damian Hardman (Australia) – 19

7.º – Barton Lynch (Australia) – 17

7th – Mark Richards (Australia) – 17

Ninth – Martin Potter (UK) – 16

IX- Gabriel Medina (Brazil) – 16

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