With the professionals, Primo Rico launched the Finclass Financial Education and Investment platform

Thiago Negro, Creator of O Primo Rico Channel

Sao Paulo – Thiago Negro It promised a revolution: “The financial market will change forever.” This was how Primo Rico predicted the mega event taking place today in São Paulo. With Broadcast to 135 thousand people on YouTube The big show was out of order Show the Finklas, The separation platform About finances and investments with the level of film production.

The event included holograms, lasers, screens, and tools that gave insight for the purpose of the new broadcast service: spreading financial education in Brazil.

Affordable (R $ 39.90 per month in annual plan), Finclass has strong international names for classroom driving: in addition to Nigro itself; Yuval Harari, Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Peace Prize), Bruno Perini, Howard Marks, Morgan Housel, Florian Bartonk, Gilherme Benchemol, Luciana Seabra and Joao Braga are among the participants. A regulatory body that pledges to always choose the best professionals and the best content for those who want to understand more about finances and personal investments.

Finclass’s goal

“a Finklas To promote the disruption of the current panoramic picture of financial education in Brazil. Money is synonymous with prosperity and security. To transform financial education into an unprecedented experience, we bring together a team of renowned professionals with a high-tech and cinematic experience. Our goal is to give everyone access to the knowledge they need to better invest their money, ”

“Knowledge is the greatest asset of mankind and financial education should be within reach of all social classes. Education should be a unique experience. We need a revolution for this to be possible in the finance sector, so that people understand that money is synonymous with prosperity and security,” he adds.

Recorded in 4K and with content with user experience in mind, the chapters will cover current topics, such as fixed income, variable income, portfolio allocation, money, cryptocurrencies, and public finance.

The courses will be taught via a private platform and will have an exclusive tracking system that allows subscribers, regardless of their level of knowledge, to know what content to watch. Every week, new content will be published.

According to Thiago Nigro, the project’s creator, Primo Group’s goal is to empower people so that they can invest more safely and more profitably.

“As long as the subscription is valid, the student has full access to all the content on the platform, and only requires a computer or cell phone to access it. By the end of 2022, our goal is to reach 1 million students.”

In addition to the classes, the platform also contains exclusive documentaries, called FinDocs – the first of which will be The History of Money, with Yuval Harari, author of Sapiens, A Brief History of Humanity – and FinBooks, where big names are on the market commenting on symbolic books on the market.

Watch how the Finclass launch event went:

Sign up to access all Finclass content.

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