With more than 3,000 confirmed cases, Joinville is suffering from an epidemic of dengue fever

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The city recorded its first two deaths from dengue fever this year and issued the Preventive Care warning regarding the disease

Year after year, the number of confirmed dengue fever cases has reached Join Phil It went up, and in 2021, the disease turned out to be more dangerous: the first two deaths due to dengue fever in the city’s history were recorded this year, with the municipality already confirming more than 3,000 cases.

More than 3,000 cases of dengue fever were recorded in Joinville in 2021 – Photo: Secom / Divulgation

Given the large number of confirmed cases, Joinville is in an epidemic of dengue fever, with an incidence rate of 474.5 cases per 100,000 population and 87.6% of localized cases in the state.

to me World Health Organization (WHO)So, transmission of an epidemic is considered when the incidence rate is greater than 300 cases per 100,000 population, an indicator that Joinville has already surpassed.

Due to the seriousness of the situation, procedures have been intensified in the municipality, with agents examining complaints and directing residents. “We are directing the population, explaining what needs to be done, handing over the files and going from house to house to do it,” says Epidemic control agent Jose Henrique Kobe.

Actions against dengue fever have been intensified in Joinville & # 8211;  Photo: Joinville City HallActions against dengue have intensified in Joinville – Photo: Joinville City Hall

Abandoned lands pose a huge challenge to neighbors, says housewife Tania Mara Java, who lives in the Anita Garibaldi neighborhood. “Whoever owns it, whether he lives in the place or not, must remember that it is his area of ​​responsibility,” he says.

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On the other hand, the Minister of Health in Joinville, Jean Rodriguez, warns of the gravity of the situation. “A lot of people do not notice dengue fever, but it is a serious condition. Since we are exposed year after year, the next infection is always worse. We have two types of dengue that are circulating in Joinville and we need to be careful that there is no infection again.” Warn.

According to him, new rapid tests have been purchased to diagnose dengue fever, which should arrive in about 60 days, while the test was more widely available in the city.

In addition to the measures the city takes, residents can also do their part to prevent transmission. Check out some actions that can help:

  • Throw out any kind of containers, even pet bottle caps, that can accumulate water;
  • Do not accumulate garbage
  • Treat swimming pool water with chlorine at least once a week;
  • Remove the boards under the plant pots;
  • Check the seal of the water tank.
  • Put screen protectors on thieves and traffic boxes;
  • Sterilize animal food utensils weekly with loofah.
  • Loosen and clean water gutters.

Since the start of this year, 3,323 cases of dengue have been confirmed in Joinville. The regions Petropolis, Itum and Florista are the most frequently recorded.

Another point of interest is the number of mosquito outbreaks Aedes aegyptiWhich has reached 6,392 times since the beginning of January. Aventureiro, Costa e Silva and Boa Vista are the neighborhoods the Environmental Monitoring Group has focused on.

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The two deaths in Joinville sparked alert across the state. Additionally, there are only two other deaths in Santa Catarina: both in the West, and they were confirmed in 2016.

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