With less, Polistano beat Bauru for NBB

With less, Polistano beat Bauru for NBB

The match had an exciting result and Paulistano won. Photo: Victor Lira/Bauru Basket

The confrontation between teams from São Paulo ended in an unusual way by Novo Basket Brasil (NBB). Away from home, Polistano beat Bauru by 98 to 97, Thursday night (6), at the Bauru Press Club.

In addition to the tight score, which guaranteed feelings until the last seconds of the match, the fact that the capital team had to play for more than three minutes with one less player on the field, caught the attention of those who followed the match. Game.

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It all started when striker Alex Garcia of Bauru and winger/Doria of Polistano, about halfway through the final quarter, got involved in confusion, exchanging pushes until they were contained. After a more than ten minute pause, both were sent off and also left for Bauru’s winger/central, Gabriel Gau, another player who was left out of the match.

With the match already coming to an end, foul limits were another problem for Polistano. Initially it was winger Arthur who made the fifth foul and also excluded from the match. Since the capital team did not have more players on the bench, he had to play the last three minutes with only four athletes on the field.

Bauru had the opportunity to move the match into overtime, where they would have more chances to win with an extra player left for five minutes.

With the difference on the scoreboard by three points, Argentine Enzo Ruiz tried the shot from the ocean and blocked a mistake. The winger needed to hit the three free throws, missed the first and declared the opponent the winner.

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With this historic victory, Polistano scored six victories in 14 matches and jumped to ninth place. So you can dream up a place in the Super 8 Cup, which puts the top eight in the rankings head to head, at the end of the turn. In contrast, Bauru reached the fourth defeat in 14 matches and occupies the fifth place.

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