With Google Pay, Nubank has 1 million registered users

a Nubank It has reached another significant figure in its history as a digital bank targeting people who want to reclaim the reins of financial life. This is because Financial technologyIn less than two months, more than 1 million Nubank customers have registered with the digital wallet Google eBay.

The company released this payment method on February 23 this year after several requests from the users themselves. At present, the service is enabled for customers with Credit and debit card functions Which has devices in it Male in appearance Installed.

Basically, Google Pay allows the user to make payments in both virtual and physical organizations – in this case, it is imperative that the cell phone uses NFC technology and the accepted organization’s device. Payment approach.

The digital bank explains that to use it, simply add “roxinho” (the alias given to the Nubank card) directly into the Google Pay app or from Nubank itself.

How to register a Nubank card with Google Pay?

Signing up for the Google Pay platform is simple and without much difficulty, and it can only take a few minutes. Users with data security concerns can rest assured that the system uses sophisticated encryption technology.

With the purpose Register Nubank Card with Google PayNote the step-by-step below:

  1. Access to the Nubank app;
  2. Then, on the main screen, click on the “Register with Google Pay” option;
  3. From there, the app will display the cards available for registration;
  4. Choose the card you want and enter the 4-digit password;
  5. A new screen will be directed to Google Pay confirmations;
  6. Read all terms and conditions of the service and, if you agree, just make sure that the process progresses;
  7. Finally, select the card verification method and click on the “Continue” tab, when the registration becomes official.
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