With Fuzuê slipping, Globo rushes to locate a replacement

With Fuzuê slipping, Globo rushes to locate a replacement

The current TV series is 7 o’clock Earth, Fozway And I still haven’t said what came of it. Gustavo Reyes’ plot has slipped through a wavering audience, weak repercussions, and much criticism. The audience was annoyed by the large number of mysteries, which left the story stuck.

Juliana Paiva as Luna in Salve-se Quem Puder (Clone/Globo)

At the same time, the channel is already moving behind the scenes and working on developing the pre-production phase Grandma disappeared, a television series by Daniel Ortiz that will replace the current schedule. In fact, the plot has an advanced cast, ensuring names like Juliana Paiva, who will be one of the heroes. Such anticipation is noteworthy, as previous productions, like Fuzuê itself, have taken a long time to finalize their star cast.

Is Globo already preparing for a possible shortening of the current series?

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Climbing granny

Beyond Illusion - Arlette Salles
Arlette Salles in Além da Ilusão (reproduction/Globo)

The current “King of the Seven” of Globo, since he only wrote hits on the track, author Daniel Ortiz is preparing his new series for the schedule. After scoring Alto Astral (2014), Haja Coração (2016), and Salve-se Quem Puder (2020), the novelist has now signed A Vovó Sumiu, a replacement for Fuzuê.

The film revolves around five siblings who have never lived together, as they are children of different mothers. However, they must come together when their grandmother mysteriously disappears. This encounter leads to a series of new situations.

Directed by Fred Marinke, Grandma Disappeared actually has a protagonist. Arlete Salles is confirmed to be Frida, the grandmother of the title, who disappears after a sea voyage. However, the veteran will also have a second character, Katarina, Frida’s evil twin sister.

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Favorite girls

Written in the Stars - Natalia Dell
Natalia Dell in Written in the Stars (Alex Carvalho/Globo)

In addition to the grandmother, other characters in A Vovó Sumiu actually have interpreters. Juliana Baeva and Natalia Dell should play two sisters who are searching for their missing grandmother. Anna Hiraki and Daphne Buzaski, stars of As Five, are also in the cast, which may also include Marcus Pitombo and Rafael Lujan.

Natalia’s character will be the eldest granddaughter and closest relative to her grandmother, Frida. She was raised by an elderly woman, and thus is the one who leads the brothers in searching for their grandmother’s whereabouts.

With the casting, Daniel Ortiz returns to work with two of his girls from other plots. Natalia Dell stars in Alto Astral, the author’s debut novel. Meanwhile, Juliana Paiva was one of the three main stars of Salve-se Quem Puder, the novelist’s latest foray into the seven-hour genre.

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Fuzoy - Giovanna Cordero
Giovanna Cordero as Luna in Fuzuê (Manuela Melo/Globo)

It is worth noting that Globo was very early in identifying the main cast of A Vovó Sumiu. This is because since it began prioritizing work-based agreements, the broadcaster has shown difficulties in locking down the cast of its series, which are defined on a noose basis.

For example, Fuzoy took some time to identify the girl’s translator, who was handed over to Giovanna Cordero. María Navalha passed through the hands of Gloria Pérez and Isabel Teixeira until management closed with Olivia Araujo. Terra e Paixão and Amor Perfeito also faced similar issues.

The advanced production even raises doubts that the channel may present the next TV series at 7pm, if Fuzuê is not shown. An unlikely hypothesis, as Globo has avoided shortening television series, even when they are failures – Cara e Coragem (2022), for example, had almost 200 chapters, even without being a success.

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Officially, Fuzuê will remain on the air until the beginning of March next year. The story is expected to consist of 173 chapters.

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